I, grasshopper, jump from word to word
And thought to thought
Clumsy in the confusion of a million neurons
Untangling themselves to send off
A cacophonous delirium of fireworks.
They are celebrating Independence Day,
As we gather together to recognize
The birth inherent in all separation:
For I?
I am rent asunder.
We begin life anew.


My Body Rests in Hope

For the days when you wake up and wish you hadn’t;
For the days when you can’t wake up because you never fell asleep;
For the days when it feels like everyone is a million miles away
(Even though they’ve been sending you support at every turn);
For the days when you’re afraid to go out in public because you can’t stop crying;
For the days when you’re so proud that you’ve held it all together
And then a second’s loss of concentration sends you spiraling back down;
For the days when you can’t rewrite the narrative no matter how hard you try;
For the days when you spend twenty minutes on a simple task
Because you can’t organize your thoughts long enough to get it done;
For the days when some ray of light breaks through,
When a thousand fireflies light up a cornfield on a hot summer night,
When a touch, a word, a look, a kiss, the soft brush of a cat’s tail
Help you lift your head a little higher and help you see a little clearer;
For the days when the world is right, and you don’t have to try,
And you know that you are strong, you are loved, you are wonderful
(Even if the feeling is fragile and every step is a step of faith):
I know. I’ve been there. We can do this.