Mediocrity (AKA the 200th Post)

"Birthdays? I love birthdays! Cake all around." {from a birthday card made by the beautiful Christina Reimer}



When did I turn, y'know, not 18 anymore?

I was just re-reading an old blog post from just under three years ago. I can hardly believe that much time has passed since I was at IMPACT. One seventh of my life separating me from such a pivotal point in my life. And oh, the passion. The expression. Other times, I can hardly believe that IMPACT ever happened. Too much has happened in the meantime. I caught real life, and the doctors say they can't do anything to help me recover.

Funny, how I have ceased to read Wolterstorff's book on suffering and have instead learned to live it.

How do we look at the world without losing heart? How do we love her fiercely in all her muck and long to transform her into something beautiful? Is it worth it?

I feel like the past year has been an experiment for me. Live with normal people leading normal lives and be fairly normal myself. When I visited campus over spring break this past March, I told Ed that I'm used to being different, the odd one out. Maybe I was lying to myself. After all, seeming is not the same as being.

How do we transcend the everyday?

Every attempt at an answer leading to another question.

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