Changing with the Times

It's understandable that we would desire an absolute guide to how we should live. Something simple, or, if not simple, at least made familiar by habitual practice.

But there is something to this language of seasons being applied to our lives. That the circumstances might change, and with them, the best choices and courses of action that we must take if we wish to thrive.

We must live in the balance and learn to move with the moments, rather than fighting them actively or resisting them passively. 

There is so much we don't get to choose. We might as well learn to accept what is ours to work with and move on. 

Perhaps we may even be surprised by the small gifts that lie along the way--like the first ray of dawn rising on a field of frost, or the sound of blackbirds calling to one another at twilight. Gifts that would not have been ours, save for the circumstances that brought us in this moment to this place.

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