Confessions of a Bibliophile

The day dawned bright and beautiful, the weather perfect for what was in store. For what could be a better use of a day off than a book hunt, that glorious pastime when a bibliophile (or several, although they usual disband upon nearing a quarry's possible den, being varied in the exact nature of their taste for game) pursues an elusive volume from used bookstore to used bookstore, occasionally getting distracted for hours along the way.

Beast of the Chase: The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis
Master of Fox Hounds: Yo soy la maestra de los perros, eh?
Kennelman: Dad (he takes care of my car, okay?)
... Nothing else really fits from all the terminology that I found... That's enough.

Beginning Point: Dogstar Books, West Chestnut St. (for those who are Sirius about books... har har...)
Time: approx. 10:15AM EST
Mission Status: Failed. Den contained a mere two volumes of Lewis plus what appeared to be a biography, although there was a very intriguing collection of philosophy and logic AND a first edition Silmarillion for a mere $25... Ahem. At this point, M.F.H. was still in possession of wits and avoided all possible pitfalls that threatened to significantly reduce the contents of her wallet.

Brief Detour: Prince Street for an iced caramel latte (cars aren't the only creatures that need fuel), the Thai stand for lunch aka two hard-won veggie crispy rolls to be saved for a later time of day (HA! take that, lunch crowd! At last, I beat you!)

Stop the Next: Winding Way Books, West Chestnut St.
Time: approx. 11:00AM
Mission Status: Failed. In every way possible. If, that is, you view a decrease in finances as a failure. However, since the M.F.H. increased in intellectual wealth, this may have been an incredible success. Four books and a very nice conversation with the shopkeeper later, M.F.H. left the Seuss-ish store simultaneously richer and poorer.

Stop the Third: Barnes & Noble, Fruitville Pike
Time: approx. 11:45AM
Mission Status: Success. Except that the point was to procure the beast of the chase at a used bookstore, thereby reducing expenditures. So actually, it was a failure of a success.

Stop the Final: The Book Haven, Marietta Ave.
Time: approx. 12:30PM
Mission Status: Failed. Attempted to find Lewis's work here with the intention of returning aforementioned successful failure if should be discovered. However, did find a very nice biography that might possibly have depleted last of available funds...

Final Accounting:
The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis
Knowing God by J.I. Packer
The Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones
The Call by Os Guinness
Othello by William Shakespeare
Charles James Fox by John Drinkwater

All in a day's hunt... Er, work.

Now to find space on the maxed out bookshelf...

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