I hate that when I open my eyes at the end of this song, I am still a cumulative million miles from so many of the people I love. Nobody's fault, not a true tragedy, just... life. Maybe that's the appeal of marriage - for a time, anyway, there's someone who is going the same direction you are, come hell or high water, and you're stuck together. Sure, divorce rates suggest that many people actually find that annoying in the end... But they lose perspective, they forget that the more beautiful thing is finding "home wherever I'm with you." I suppose I've divided myself too much to find home in any one place, but who knows. Maybe there could be one person. Doesn't seem likely though... Most things end, like the Doctor and Rose, like missions trips, like semesters, like good songs, like long days. Some of them, we're glad they end. Others, well, we love them all the more jealously for that.

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