Some Conclusions

Today marks the one month goal, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Honestly, just proving to myself that I could do it feels pretty significant. To some extent, the fact that I'm publishing what I wrote holds me accountable, even if no one else is keeping track. And yes, there were days when I felt like I couldn't muster a subject, much less incisive, interesting, or original commentary on it. But I'm actually quite proud of some of the writing that came out of it, and even bizarrely got 60-some-odd views on one of the posts. 

One of my goals was to work on eliminating certain quirks in my style. For example, I have a tendency to use a lot of "softening" words, like "I think maybe" or "perhaps it's the case that" or "I guess." Those are fine in the right time and place--everything in moderation, including wife beating?--but I use them so much that at times I am undermining the validity of my own points.

Another thing that I was doing more or less consciously was to try to organize my thoughts more coherently and to keep a tighter rein on the tangents I took. I can occasionally take very long detours and end up in strange places, usually when I'm not sure where I'm going from the beginning. I think I have improved on this a bit, although to be fair, I didn't actually write that many long pieces.

I want to reflect on the experience a bit more, but I have some important stuff going on tomorrow and, just in time, an energy-devouring upper respiratory infection has set in to make me totes exhausted. Christy must make sleep, not blog posts. Until next time...

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